Recent Activities

1.  Completed a survey of the environmental controls and programs already in effect in the municipalities of the Watershed.

2.  Produced a new Watershed map that highlights the water resources of the Watershed.  The purpose is to increase public awareness of these resources.

3.  Produced a model ordinance providing specifications for Borehole and Water Well Drilling.  Most municipalities of the Watershed have already adopted this ordinance.

4.  Established a workgroup to study the present status and future management of groundwater recharge throughout the Watershed.

5.  Sponsored a workshop on Sustainability presented by planners from the Brandywine Conservancy.

6.  Presented a sustainability workshop “Connecting the Built and Natural Environments: a Pathway to Sustainability.”

7.  Sent a letter to Rep. Babette Josephs, Chair of the House State Government Committee stating our position on the divestiture of Rockview Lands.

8.  Became a member organization of Renew Growing Greener and signed on to a letter to members of the Pennsylvania Senate urging a severance tax on natural gas extraction and allocation of some of those funds to the Growing Greener program.

9.  Submitted to the Upper/Middle Susquehanna Region technical committee a statement supporting with reservations the designation of the Spring/Nittany Creek Watershed as a Critical Water Planning Area under the State Water Plan.