The Scotia Barrens ARE the source of the ground water flowing from Big Spring because . . .

  1. The soil in the area of the Scotia Barrens is very sandy so it has a high infiltration capacity.  Consequently most rainfall and snowmelt infiltrate instead of running off.  there are very few flowing streams in this area due to the high infiltration capacity.
  2. The Scotia Barrens area is underlain by a sandy dolomite bedrock which has a very high permeability (ability to convey ground-water flow) and also has a very high ability to store ground-water recharge in its pore spaces.
  3. Connecting the Scotia Barrens area and the Big Spring is a fault zone within the sandy dolomite bedrock which contains interconnected solution openings and caverns.  This fault zone is the conduit through which the 12 million gallons per day flows to the Big Spring.
  4. The ground-water recharge which occurs on the 25 square miles of the Scotia Barrens is more than enough water to supply the 12 million gallons per day flow of the Big Spring. 
  5. The ratio of calcium to magnesium in the water from Big Spring is the same as the ratio found in the ground water under the Scotia Barrens.  Return to the Quiz.


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