The Spring Creek Watershed Sustainability Initiative


The mission of the Spring Creek Watershed Sustainability Initiative is to protect and enhance the natural resources of the Watershed now and into the indefinite future through careful planning, conscientious use, and conservation.  Our goal is to promote conscientious use of the Watershed’s resources to meet current needs and enhance quality of life without compromising the ability of future generations to do the same and without degrading the natural environment.  

  • The natural resources to be protected include the air we breathe; surface and ground waters; farmland, woodlands, wetlands, parkland and other open spaces; and the wildlife and native plants of our ecosystem. 
  • The Spring Creek Watershed Commission, an intermunicipal entity focused on protection and wise use of our natural resources has, by resolution, chosen to take the lead in this effort.  The Commission, made up of an elected official or appointed representative from thirteen of the fourteen municipalities of the Watershed, provides access to the governing bodies of the Watershed on environmental issues. 
  • The Spring Creek Watershed Association is committed to serve as an advisory group to the Watershed Commission on this Initiative and to provide advice and recommendations, including those of a technical nature. 
  • The Spring Creek Watershed Association will engage ClearWater Conservancy and other environmental, conservation and sportsmen’s groups, the business community, the special expertise of Penn State University, and the widest possible spectrum of stakeholders in this effort. 
  • We are acutely aware of the magnitude of this Initiative, and we recognize that we cannot take it all on at once. We will undertake manageable projects as the need arises and available resources permit. 
  • For this Initiative to succeed the citizens of the Watershed must share the conviction that the conscientious use of our natural resources, as well as their  protection, conservation and enhancement,  is our sacred obligation to future generations; therefore, educational efforts will be a prominent part of the Sustainability Initiative.