Swan Memorial Fountain:
Graceful Beauty

The Swan Monument Fountain is a sculpted fountain that is regarded as one of the best fountains in the USs. It is situated in the center of Lagan Square in Philadelphia, Penn, and is encompassed by Lagan’s Circle.

Initially known as the Fountain of 3 Rivers, the Swan Memorial Fountain was built in remembrance of Wilson Swan. He was the founder and late chairman of the Philadelphia Fountains Society.

The water fountain was a partnership between sculptor Alex Calder and the architect Wilson Eyre. Since its dedication day in 1925, it has turned out to be and remains the central feature of downtown Philadelphia. Its design includes include a triad of Indian sculptures which signify the Schuhlkill river, the Wishahickon Creek and the Delaware waterway.

The Schuhlkill River is symbolized by an elderly woman holding the head of a swan. The Wishahickon Creek is represented by a young lady who is lying her head on a swan that is spraying water. The Delaware waterway is symbolized by a gentleman reaching for his bow whilst a large trout splashes water on him. At the fountain base, a water spouting turtles and toads are noticed as they border the central jets of the water fountain.

The main jet is constructed to shoot water as high as 60 feet in the sky. Nonetheless, the setting is usually at 24 feet which prevents the passing traffic from receiving an unexpected dousing.

The water within the fountain is filtered on a regular basis and replaced as often as two times per month. During this period, the water fountain is emptied, washed and filled again.

The initial structure was planned to have only a solitary pump and was located below the ground along the right side of Lagan’s Circle. As a consequence, maintenance work was exceedingly complicated. When a light goes out or there is a spout that needs replacing, the whole water fountain must be emptied. Constant plumbing issues led to countless digging up of the whole square. In 1995, the Swan Memorial Fountain was remodeled with tunnels placed directly below it which made it much easier to maintain and repair.

The Swan Memorial Fountain is one of the numerous artistic and historic attractions that draw countless visitors to the City of Brotherly Love. Its distinct vision and artistry is without a doubt pays homage to American uniqueness and engineering.