Water Resources Monitoring Project (WRMP)


Water Resources Monitoring Project (WRMP)



The Spring Creek Watershed Association initiated the Water Resources Monitoring Project (WRMP) in 1997.  Their goal was to gather baseline information about the quantity and quality of the water resources in the Spring Creek Watershed that could be used for the long-term protection of these resources as demands on them increase over time.  The Water Resources Monitoring Committee, a group of local environmental professionals tasked with overseeing the WRMP, gathered for the first time in 1998 to begin developing the project.  The first surface water monitoring stations were established in late 1998.  Groundwater, stormwater, and spring monitoring stations were added as the project gained momentum.  Over the past 11 years, the WRMP has strived to:

  1. Provide a description of the quantity and quality of the surface waters of Spring Creek and its tributaries, including springs;
  2. Provide a description of the quality of storm-water runoff throughout the watershed;
  3. Monitor ground-water levels in critical areas;
  4. Provide the means to detect changes in quantity and quality of surface waters under both baseflow and storm-water runoff conditions, as well as ground-water reserves;
  5. Provide sufficient measurement sensitivity through long-term monitoring to permit the assessment of the previously mentioned parameters.  


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The WRMP field stations and database are maintained primarily by the Water Resources Coordinator, a full-time staff position housed at ClearWater Conservancy.  A number of local partners provide funding to carry out WRMP data collection activities, contributing over $64,000 annually to support this one-of-a-kind project.  Donors who contributed in 2009 included:

  •      Bellefonte Borough
  •       Benner Township
  •       College Township
  •       College Township Water Authority
  •       Ferguson Township
  •       Halfmoon Township
  •       Harris Township
  •       Patton Township
  •       Potter Township
  •       Pennsylvania State University Office of Physical Plant
  •       Spring Township
  •       Spring Township Water Authority
  •       State College Borough
  •       State College Borough Water Authority
  •       Spring Creek Chapter of Trout Unlimited
  •       University Area Joint Authority.


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In addition to financial support, the WRMP received in-kind donations of professional services, laboratory analyses and supplies, technical assistance, and transportation from the following in 2009:

Ground-water well owners

  •       Corning Asahi
  •       Howard Dashem
  •       PA Department of Conservation of Natural Resources
  •       Todd Giddings
  •       Penn State University Office of Physical Plant
  •       United States Geological Survey

Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection

Pennsylvania Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit

United States Geological Survey

University Area Joint Authority

Volunteer field assistants

Water Resources Monitoring Committee.