2001 Spring Creek Watershed Community

Coordinating Committee Affiliations


                 Academic/University                                       Agencies/Organizations

Bob Carline                     Pennsylvania State University                    Stacy Cromer                    Canaan Valley Institute

Rob Cooper                     Pennsylvania State University                    Cory Miller                        UAJA

George Hildenbrandt     Pennsylvania State University                    Ted Trostle                       Trout Unlimited


                    Local Business                                                     Local Industry

Dan Crust                        State of the Art                                               Gene Proch                        Corning Asahi Video Products


                    Government                                                        Watershed Citizens

Gary Byron                      PA DEP                                                            Kristen Saacke Blunk      Student

Mike Welch                    PA DEP                                            

Bob Sweitzer                   Centre Co. Conservation District                            Private Consultants

Bob Donaldson              Centre County Planning Office                    Brian Auman                     Landstudies

Bob Bini                           Centre Regional Planning Agency              Todd Giddings                 Giddings and Associates

Bob Eberhart                   Halfmoon Twp. Planning Commission       Dave Gilbert                      Gannett Fleming, Inc.

                                                                                                                    Mark Ralston                    Converse Consultatns






SCWC Volunteers and interested Stakeholders


Dee Stout                        Bellefonte Middle School

Tracey Dooms                Self-employed

Scott Harrison                Centre Analytical Lab, TU

Bob Jacobs                     Centre County Planning Office

Beth Thoma                    Centre County Planning Office

Linda Marshall               Potter Twp. Supervisor

Tim Murrell                     Centre County Planning Office

Rainer Domalski             Rutgers Organics

Genevieve Robine          Retired School teacher

Joe Wilson                      Gannett Fleming, Inc.

Irene Hall Biggans         Benchmark Reality

Caren E. Glotfelty           Heinz Endowments

Mike McCarthy              US Fish & Wildlife Service                          

Dan Alters                       PA DEP

Tom Kurtz                       Patton Twp. Manager

Jason Wert                      HRG