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The Coordinating Committee Welcomes You

The Coordinating Committee of the Spring Creek watershed Community has primarily functioned as a steering committee: serving as a sounding board to the various work groups and providing administrative support to the watershed organizational efforts. Most importantly, the Coordinating Committee serves at the pleasure of the Community.
The Committee meets monthly at the ClearWater Conservancy office. They help determine strategic planning on how to proceed in building stakeholder support for the watershed effort, how to best staff and support the project via the watershed grant contract that ClearWater administers, and how to better respond to the priorities and goals established by the Community since the Exchange occurred. 1

The Coordinating Committee is comprised of volunteers from academic institutions, municipal governments, local businesses and industries, government agencies and Spring Creek Watershed citizens. At our informal meetings, we provide guidance, leadership and technical support to projects that fulfill the mission and meet the goals for the Spring Creek Watershed Community.

An example of the work of the Coordinating Committee is the Water Resources Monitoring Project, which collects continuous stream flow and monthly quality data at 12 stations on Spring Creek and its tributaries. This information defines the baseline quantity and quality of surface water in our watershed and will allow us to evaluate how local growth is impacting our water resources.

Picture of Past Chairs

We are called the Coordinating Committee because coordinating is one of our primary roles in the Spring Creek Watershed. Turning ideas into funded projects takes a lot of coordinating with agencies, citizens and staff. Our meetings provide the forum where the activities and projects for our member institutions, agencies, businesses and citizens are discussed and implemented to benefit the watershed.

You are welcome at our monthly meetings, because we are always looking for new ideas, and we need volunteers to help with our projects. So read our mission statement and list of goals, and bring us your ideas and support. You will likely find one of our active projects that interest you.

It is rewarding to volunteer and to have a role that improves the quality of life in our watershed. 2

A Word From Our Chair

Dan Crust - Coordinating Committee Chair

Who am I (and where do I come from)?

I am excited to take on the challenge of chairing the Coordinating Committee for the coming year. I have been a member of the committee since early 2000. In my off hours I am the Quality Manager for State of the Art, Inc., and in whatever time is left over after that I am husband to Anita, and father to Ethan, Angel, and Cherish. Last year our kids were 17, 13, and 2 years old, and I can’t imagine I would have had any strength left over to chair the committee (it is marginally better now.)

Both sides of my family go back several generations in the watershed. My Dad was born in a house a few feet from Buffalo Run in Fillmore, my Mom in a house a few feet from Spring Creek near Houserville, and I was born in Centre County Hospital overlooking Logan Branch in Bellefonte.  I currently live in Howard, where everything, good or ill, that enters Spring Creek eventually ends up, and expect to live within the watershed again one day.

I am not an expert in a field directly related to watershed management, but I hope I have at least a good layman’s understanding of the issues. Along with that I bring a passion for conservation, and a set of leadership and critical thinking skills that I hope will serve the Community well. Pursuing another of my passions, history, I recently read a biography of Theodore Roosevelt. In addressing his love of the outdoors and pursuit of conservation, it contained a definition of leadership that closely aligned with my own, perhaps expressing it a bit more succinctly: “Leadership is the art of pursuing the ideal in the midst of a world that is less than ideal.” I hope the Watershed Community can operate in that way: Never losing sight of the ideal, but maximizing our progress day to day in ‘the realm of the possible.’

Committee Member Current Affiliations

Local Business
Local Industry
Private Consultants
and Interested Stakeholders

For a complete list of Coordinating Committee Members and Affiliations CLICK HERE

Coordinating Committee Purpose Statement

The Coordinating Committee provides guidance, leadership and support to the Spring Creek Watershed Community so that it may fulfill its mission statement and achieve its strategic goals. It is comprised of community members, volunteers, community public leaders, business professionals, and regulatory personnel that represent various stakeholder groups.

To provide this guidance, leadership, and support, the CC will:

-Be responsive to the Spring Creek Watershed Community

-Set strategic goals, promote actions and projects, and set priorities for watershed activities that are consistent with the mission statement of the Spring Creek Watershed Community

-Encourage new and existing stakeholder groups to champion Watershed Community actions and projects that are consistent with that stakeholder group’s mission and interest in the Watershed

-Ensure the implementation and completion of all Community projects and actions through action groups

-Guide and coordinate activities of the Spring Creek Watershed Community staff (WSC & WSEd).
-Ensure the financial viability of existing and future Community projects and staff support (i.e. Watershed Coordinator) through fundraising and grant writing in coordination with other ClearWater activities

-Encourage and develop grass-roots involvement

-Recruit new members and provide leadership development for the Coordinating Committee and the Spring Creek Watershed Community.

Monthly Coordinating Committee meetings are held to fulfill this stated purpose and to provide an informal forum for open discussion about watershed issues

Meeting Location

ClearWater Conservancy office, 2555 N. Atherton Street State College, PA 16801.


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