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The Spring Creek Watershed Community is a diverse grass-roots alliance of individuals and organizations promoting awareness and actions that protect Spring Creek, its tributaries, groundwater resources and watershed. Click here for more information about our history.

The Community includes all the diverse stakeholders who care about or are affected by the quality and quantity of water flowing in Spring Creek and its many tributaries, including Buffalo Run, Cedar Run, Galbraith Gap Run, Shingletown Gap Run, Slab Cabin Run, Thompson Run and Logan Branch. The Watershed Community also includes stakeholders who are concerned with the health of fish and other aquatic life in Spring Creek as well as the condition of the groundwater that supplies drinking water for the watershed’s citizens and is the source water for the creek and its tributaries.

More than 2000 people explicitly identify themselves as “members” of the Spring Creek Watershed Community by subscribing to the Springs & Sinks Newsletters and participate in watershed activities. But in reality, anyone who lives, works, studies or plays in the Spring Creek Watershed is part of the Watershed Community.1

Each month The Coordinating Committee, comprised of community members, volunteers, community public leaders, business professionals, and representatives of various stakeholder groups meets with the common interest of protecting and enhancing the quality of life, environment, and economy throughout the watershed. As active stakeholders, these Committee members openly discuss watershed issues, and all stake a claim in the maintenance of the high quality of Spring Creek and its tributaries.

A Word from Our Chair: Who Are We (and where are we going)?

Dan Crust - Coordinating Committee Chair

The Watershed Community is a diverse group of people with a common interest. The Coordinating Committee brings representatives of many constituencies to the table in a very effective way, but the work of the committee is not enough. Any organization like the Watershed Community lives or dies by its volunteers. I hope that as a stakeholder of this organization, you will consider an increased commitment - of time, of energy, of talent - to one of the various projects under way. We celebrate five years of the Watershed Community this year, and many Community projects are thriving: Connections, Waters Resources Monitoring, a new and powerful website; others, such as Vision 2020, have been spun off.

Much remains to be done, and much help is needed to accomplish our mission. If you are willing, please let us know. And if you are not an active stakeholder, we would love to have you join us!2

For More Information about Dan Crust, please see Coordinating Committee.

For More Information about the supporting relationship of the ClearWater Conservancy please CLICK HERE.


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